Mistress Danyella loves to hear her boys GAG!

June 10, 2009|

Mistress Danyella is new to the TranSexDomination dungeon . . . but she certainly is no newbie when it comes to controlling sub boys. She puts Jake through hell, nearly tearing off his nipples and then cinching his sack up in an extremely tight ball splitter. This girl is into

Mistress Jade is back and feeling Wicked!

June 3, 2009|

Mistress Jade on Transexdomination is a very demanding Dominatrix and she has no leniency for any mistakes or disrespect! Jake learns the hard way that Jade is not like a lot of the other girls he knows. She does not tolerate any lack of respect or poor performance when he

Pony Play with TS Mandy

May 6, 2009|

Cowgirl Mandy is into her fetishes and Pony Play is one of her favorites. Today she introduces us to her favorite Pony, Lightning. She grooms his mane and tail and then takes him for a short ride. When he carries her nicely she strokes his withers kindly, but when he

That’s Ms Jaxxson if You’re Nasty!

March 5, 2009|

Mistress Janet Jaxxxson can get “nasty” and she shows it in this scene with submissive Slave Danny. She has him bound tightly at the ankles and wrists. The ropes bite into his skin and cut off his blood flow. We can see his hands swelling and starting to turn purple.

Don’t Be Stupid Enough to Piss Off Mistress Monica!

February 18, 2009|

Jake is in trouble. Mistress Monica hung him up in her brand new body bag and leaves him to think about all the bad things he has done. When she returns he is lying on the floor and telling her that he fell. She is PISSED that he fucked up

Mistress Ariel Everitts Wants You to Lick Her Clean!

December 17, 2008|

On  Transexdomination, Mistress Ariel Everitts delights in teasing you with the very sight of her. Her body is so tantalizing, so mesmerizing. She allows you to worship her with your tongue and she expects you to do a good job. Your performance determines if she'll allow you to witness her

Mistress Katie Coxx Will Find Any Excuse to Punish You

May 23, 2008|

If you have the job of satisfying Mistress Katie Coxx, you'd better be damn good at it. Why? Because Mistress Katie Coxx has high expectations and has no problem punishing you if you disappoint her. Take, for example, when she drags her boy toy bitch to the dungeon for some

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