Model DMCA Agreement Form

Protecting your content from being published illegally is important to us, and should be to you too. When your content is pirated and shown on websites illegally it affects how many sales you can make on your clip, fan and cam sites.

We DMCA and remove content daily from a number of sites, and as a model for us, if you complete the form below, we’re able to legally have your content removed if we see it.

If you wish to use this service, please complete the form below which designates us to act as your DMCA Agent and request removal directly from tube sites, hosting sites, photo upload sites etc.

    * This is seen only by our staff and will not appear on any legal notices or websites. It must match the legal name we have on file from your photoshoot.

    Digitally Signed On

    Further Information on DMCA Content Removal:

    We can remove the following types of content:

    • your fans videos and image content
    • cam content and captures
    • your self-produced video content
    • social media content

    Please note, there are many sites we’re unable to get content removed from for various reasons but usually they are out of legal jurisdiction.  In the process of doing our own removals and DMCA’s if we see your content we will include it with ours. This is not a DMCA removal service and we can recommend good companies if you are interested in further protecting your content.  This is not intended to be a catch-all content, but a free service to enable us to remove your most visible content

    If you have any questions, please contact

    We are currently DMCA agents for the performers below:

    Amanda Riley
    Analie Star
    Asia Belle
    Austin Spears
    Avery Angel
    Bambi Bliss
    Bambi Harper
    Casey Kisses
    Cece Stone
    Chanel Noir
    Chloe Lynn
    Claire Tenebrarum
    Coco Dahlia
    Crystal Thayer
    Daisy Taylor
    Domino Presley
    Emma Rose
    Emily Darling
    Evelyn Tumbles
    Janie Blade
    Jasmine Lotus
    Jelena Vermilion
    Jordan Malanii Monroe
    Kallie Koxxx
    Kelly Quell
    Khaleesi Kate
    Lexi Price
    Libbey Harper
    Lilia Lust
    Madame Morgan
    Mia Maffia
    Monique Miles
    Morgan Bailey
    Natalie Carnot
    Natassia Dreams
    Nathalie Presley
    Nikki Vicious
    Nyxi Leon
    Penny Peacock
    Phoebe Faraway
    Phoebe J Rose
    Rachel Nova
    Rachel Rexxx
    Rianna James
    Ruby Bunny
    Ryder Monroe
    Saki Cruise
    Sami Price
    Serena Bubbles
    Shiri Allwoord
    Stacey Summers
    Sydney Farron
    Taylor Maxx
    Tessa Jayne
    Vera Special
    Zaza Zaria
    Zia Crysal

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