Pony Play with TS Mandy

Cowgirl Mandy is into her fetishes and Pony Play is one of her favorites. Today she introduces us to her favorite Pony, Lightning. She grooms his mane and tail and then takes him for a short ride. When he carries her nicely she strokes his withers kindly, but when he acts up she reacts with a sharp smack from her black leather riding crop. He knows his commands well. When she pulls on the reins he follows her lead . . . the rubber bit tight in his mouth is a constant reminder that she is IN CONTROL.

He likes it this way though. He works hard to be a good Pony and please Mandy. She feeds him some oats and a carrot. Then he gets his favorite treat . . . Mandy’s Hard Cock. After grazing on her cock for awhile she decides it is time to ride him again . . . but this time she is climbing on his ass instead of his back.

He is a very happy Pony today!

Tranny Mandy Mitchell is a horny cowgirl!Cowgirl TS Mandy Riding her Boy like a Horse!

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