That’s Ms Jaxxson if You’re Nasty!

Mistress Janet Jaxxxson can get “nasty” and she shows it in this scene with submissive Slave Danny. She has him bound tightly at the ankles and wrists. The ropes bite into his skin and cut off his blood flow. We can see his hands swelling and starting to turn purple. She has no mercy. Forcing him on his knees on the hard floor, she torments him and whips him with her leather riding crop. She forces her cock down his throat and belittles his oral skills. She then pulls the rope securing his arms behind his back and pulls him to his feet where she proceeds to rape his tight ass with her hard black cock. Watch his face contort with pain. This girl does not believe in starting off slow or warming her subs up. She crams her hard cock up his ass and starts to fuck him hard and fast. She moves him through several positions before blowing her load all over his face! Only on Transexdomination!

Ebony Tranny Mistress Janet Jaxxson Strangling Bitch Boy DannyEbony Tranny Janet Jaxxson forcing Danny to Suck her Cock!

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