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Shemale Pornstar – Celeste DVD ON SALE TOMORROW!

January 13, 2011|

Shemale Pornstar: Celeste gives one of the most popular performers in the industry the attention she deserves. Celeste is still one of the hottest and most sough after transsexual pornstars, so it just made sense that she should get a DVD all about her! See Celeste get fucked and sucked

TS Celeste and Pilgrim Jacob Give Thanks

November 28, 2009|

This is the set you've been waiting for on Shemale Pornstar--our Thanksgiving fuckfest celebration! Pilgrim Jacob was talking to his wife Mary about the town's Thanksgiving feast and she is upset that the town is allowing the "Savage Indians" to attend the feast. Jacob tells her she should try to

Gobble Gobble Up TS Celeste on Shemale Pornstar

November 26, 2009|

Happy Thanksgiving from Grooby Productions! Enjoy a sneak peek of our Thanksgiving hardcore scene from Shemale Pornstar featuring the ever beautiful Celeste! I imagine that if the trannies and the pilgrims celebrated Thanksgiving together, it might go something like that.

Sneak Peek at Thanksgiving Fun on Shemale Pornstar!

November 21, 2009|

Here's a sneak peek at our upcoming Thanksgiving themed set scheduled for next week on Shemale Pornstar! You can see beautiful TS Celeste gobble gobble up this pilgrim's hard cock. Want to know how this scene unfolds? You'll just have to wait for next week for the actual, but why

Naughty Nurse Celeste’s First Time Fuck on Camera!

April 15, 2009|

Transexdomination has a doctor's office where we'll fix you right up! Tough guy Paul comes in for his annual checkup and has a homo-phobic fit when Naughty Nurse Celeste tries to take his temperature with the anal thermometer. He gets all worked up and she has to give him a

Who Says Easter is Just for Kids?

April 14, 2009|

Easter just isn't a kids holiday anymore, this Easter Bunny hottie is strictly for grown ups! TS Celeste's latest set on Shemale Yum will surely want you to hide eggs up this bunny's ass!  Look at that cute cotton tail on Celeste, there is no doubt in my mind that

Mistress Celeste is Back and Banging Hot!

November 19, 2008|

Due to the growing popularity of Mistress Celeste, we've decided to bring her back for you to enjoy (again)! Now...Mistress Celeste is back and still enforcing her 'don't touch' policy. This time she's wearing a dominatrix outfit and she has no intentions of being submissive to your sexual requests. Don't

Mistress Celeste Says, “No Touching!”

November 12, 2008|

Mistress Celeste looks so sexy in Latex. The tight black skirt and top are almost like a second skin. Teasing us, inviting us to look closer. But don’t get to close without permission. Mistress Celeste is enjoying showing off, but if you get to close you will cross her .

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