Naughty Nurse Celeste’s First Time Fuck on Camera!

Transexdomination has a doctor’s office where we’ll fix you right up! Tough guy Paul comes in for his annual checkup and has a homo-phobic fit when Naughty Nurse Celeste tries to take his temperature with the anal thermometer. He gets all worked up and she has to give him a shot to help calm him down.

The shot makes him woozy and he wonders what he was really injected with. He awakens to find himself strapped to the table naked with his feet secured to the stirrups. Nurse Celeste has stripped off her demure scrubs and is now sporting a very sexy nurses outfit. She starts off his anal training with a good finger fucking and then proceeds to stretch him out with the anal speculum before shoving a couple of her favorite toys up his ass too.

She loves the control she has and that she can turn this tough guy out. He claims to not like what she is doing . .. but his throbbing hard cock says otherwise. When she strips down to bra and panties and asks if he is ready for a blowjob and some fucking he gets really excited . . . poor guy had no idea what she really meant.

She climbs on top of the table where he is securely restrained and forces her hard cock into this mouth. Once he has her really hard and ready she proceeds to fuck him properly. I can guarantee the thermometer wont be a problem next time he comes into the doctors office!

TS Nurse Celeste is Busting out of her uniform!Tranny Celeste is shoving a big dildo into her guy's ass!

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