Bob’s TGirls T-Girl Fantasies Volume 14 – A Cum Worthy Addition to Your Collection!

I have on my desk, Bob’s TGirls new steamy feature, TGirl Fantasies Volume 14. The DVD practically had steam coming from it just from the cover alone which featured TS Celeste at the center, with Nia Lee and Maui on each side. The three girls really carry each scene with their unbelievably steamy hardcores. Celeste’s scene, entitled One Night Stand, is particularly cum-worthy when she gyrates that perfect ass while riding  the guy’s cock!  Each scene is long enough for you to reach for the kleenex without dragging on and all girls are little slutty vixens on screen.

First up, we have Maui! What starts off as innocent sunbathing on the deck quickly turns into a wet suckfest featuring glamourous tranny Maui and her real life boyfriend. You’re almost afraid they’re going to get caught, but they continue to grope and fondle each other without any fear of anyone seeing them! Maui shows off her cock sucking skills as her partner shoves her face down on his hot rod and she eagerly complies. After he sucks her off, she rams her dick into his ass while he grabs on to the railing for dear life!  She mercilessly fucks him in a variety of positions as they moan together in orgasmic pleasure.

Sexy Celeste’s “date” starts like a great one night stand: with little conversation and lots of making out. Celeste’s hotness will practically melt your television screen as she shoves her soft tits into his face. She gives him a sneak peek at her rock hard she-cock bulging through her panties then proceeds to greedily suck his dick. Celeste can’t let her needs go unmet, however, and guides her date’s hand to her throbbing she-cock. Celeste is a tranny who looks good at any angle. With her pouty lips, sexy smile, and banging body I’m surprised her date didn’t immediately cum all over her. Before the guy knows what’s going on, they’re taking turns fucking each other with Celeste bouncing her bubble butt down on his cock. He really pounds into her tight she-pussy until he’s ready to cum all over her face.

Nia Lee is a tranny who gets right down to business. She slurps up her guy’s cock while playing with her own, wiping the pre-cum from her mouth. He slips off her panties and practically sucks her dry! He licks her wet she-pussy and finally fucks her rough on the pool table next to them. Nila is a tranny knows what she wants and has no problem bossing her guy around to make sure she feels good. Because Nila likes control, she orders her partner to spread his legs and then proceeds to shove her she-cock into his ass.

The DVD finishes with a second fuck scene with Maui and her boyfriend turning alternating between sweet lovemaking and raunchy dominatrix fucking. My head is still spinning from watching Celeste’s tight she-pussy being invaded like that. Each scene is definitely cum-worthy! TGirl Fantasies Vol 14 is a DVD you should add to your collection.

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