Big Butt For Big Cock

July 28, 2023|

Genesis comes home to find her Mom's new boyfriend has been searching for porn and found some that she's made... and he's jacking off over it! He calls her over, and tells her off for doing such an immoral thing, before putting her over his knee and giving her a

Fired Up for Machine Gunn Coco!

July 28, 2016|

Machine Gunn Coco is rapid fire sexiness in this series of shots from Shemale YUM!!! Machine Gunn Coco claims to be as fiery as her red hair and we believe her! Our engines were definitely firing for this sexy model! Machine Gunn Coco has gorgeous natural breasts, great body art,

John Magnum Gets a Treat – Jules as a Horny Submissive

October 16, 2009|

If you want to see fiery Tempest pummeling into her slave Jake, check her out on Transexdomination VOD! You can pick and choose which videos you want! Just choose the scenes you want to enjoy,  like this one from Mistress Tempest! Back in the Transexdomination dungeon, PK Vegas asked John

Kelly Shore and the Fucking Machine

April 22, 2009|

Some girls like to play with the little tiny fucking machines . . .but Kelly Shore moves right on up to the Monster Machines. She starts tormenting her bitch Vic with a serious crop session that turns his ass bright red with welts. Then she nearly tears his cock and

The Return of Ebony Tranny Mistress Michelle

March 10, 2009|

Mistress Michelle can not figure out what is wrong . . . she assumes it is the floor of her dungeon so she makes her slave "soldier boy" vacuum, but that is not it . . . . so she makes him strip naked . . .but still something is

Mistress Ariel Puts Drake Through the Ringer!

February 26, 2009|

On Transexdomination, Mistress Ariel discovers her submissive bitch boy Drake has just had a session with Mistress Foxxy the night before. That tells her this boy loves to be dominated so she pulls out all the stops. She begins by hanging him from the gallows UPSIDE DOWN! She spanks his

Don’t Be Stupid Enough to Piss Off Mistress Monica!

February 18, 2009|

Jake is in trouble. Mistress Monica hung him up in her brand new body bag and leaves him to think about all the bad things he has done. When she returns he is lying on the floor and telling her that he fell. She is PISSED that he fucked up

The Return of the Red Headed Vixen, Mistress Wendy Williams

December 24, 2008|

Mistress Wendy Williams returns with a spank! The red headed vixen is back on Transexdomination, this time holding a very big paddle. She looks so tempting in her black sheer lingerie, spreading her legs for the camera as she poses on the cold, metal cage. She's trying to lure a

Mistress Ariel Everitts Wants You to Lick Her Clean!

December 17, 2008|

On  Transexdomination, Mistress Ariel Everitts delights in teasing you with the very sight of her. Her body is so tantalizing, so mesmerizing. She allows you to worship her with your tongue and she expects you to do a good job. Your performance determines if she'll allow you to witness her

TS Mistress Naya Will Whip and Fuck You Raw!

December 12, 2008|

Mistress Naya has no patience for this submissive little bitches whining and she lets him know! She beats his ass to a bright red leaving huge welts on him and forces him to worship her from the toes of her heels, her ass, her huge breasts, and finally to her

Mistress Kim Superstar Wants to Spank You…Hard

July 2, 2008|

Don't be fooled by Mistress Kim's inviting smile--she'll whip you just as hard as the next mistress. With her leather strap in hand, she likes imagining that you're there with her in the room waiting to be spanked. She bends and snaps the strap in her hands, pretending she hears

Be Very Careful in How You Approach Mistress Jezebel

May 30, 2008|

Mistress Jezebel is a self-confessed bitch. If a man isn't worthy of her attentions, then she's going to ignore you or put you in your place. So you better be very careful in how you approach her. If you are one of the lucky few to get further with Mistress

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