Mistress Jaime Gives Arnold a Spanking He’ll Never Forget

Arnold has been a bad boy. Mistress Jaime warned him that if he acted like a little boy she was going to treat him like a little boy. She sends him to his room for the night and his screaming temper tantrum is the last straw.

She comes in and gives him a spanking before cleaning his bottom with baby wipes and forcing him to suck his thumb. Arnold keeps crying that he did not do anything wrong. Mistress Jaime leaves the room to get the evidence of his wrongdoing.

Poor Arnold has no response when she confronts him with the evidence so she puts him over her knee for a bare bottom ruler spanking! OUCH She does NOT hold anything back on this one!!! Afterward, she rewards him for taking his punishment by allowing him to suck on his favorite pacifier before she lays him down for a solid pounding. This time though she uses her cock not the paddle.

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