Mistress Ariel Puts Drake Through the Ringer!

On Transexdomination, Mistress Ariel discovers her submissive bitch boy Drake has just had a session with Mistress Foxxy the night before. That tells her this boy loves to be dominated so she pulls out all the stops.

She begins by hanging him from the gallows UPSIDE DOWN! She spanks his ass and pinches his sore red ass and his balls with medical forceps as well as scratching his body all over with her razor sharp nails. She then proceeds to face fuck him as he hangs helplessly upside down.

NO MERCY from Mistress Ariel as he chokes and gags, unaccustomed to having a cock buried in his throat in an inverted position. She then BEATS HIS ASS SEVERLY because he seems incapable of reaching up to grab his ankles when she wants to fuck him. So she helps him get his arms up and then locks his hands in position so she can beat his ass some more before completely fucking his ass and cumming on his face!

Tranny Mistress Ariel EverittsTranny Mistress Ariel Fucks Bitch Boy Drake

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