Mistress Brownie Returns!

December 10, 2008|

I hope you haven't forgotten about our ebony tranny Mistress Brownie! She returns to Transexdomination with her last set of this shoot and it ends with a bang! Or a squirt, depending on how you look at it. Mistress Brownie is enjoying a cigarette before returning inside to get to

Mistress Brownie Demands You Worship Her Feet!

October 22, 2008|

On Transexdomination today, Tranny Mistress Brownie is a VERY demanding bitch. She has no tolerance for men and she makes this very clear. In the first set, she DEMANDS that you come to her and worship her feet. She is extremely agitated with men in general and she takes it

It’s Mistress Brownie 1 – Get It Right Or Be Punished!

September 11, 2008|

Mistress Brownie 1 has little tolerance for forgetful people. She tells you to call her “Mistress Brownie 1” and you better call her exactly that. You are tied on a leash and you can not get away. Call her Brownie . . . get the crop, call her Mistress .

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