It’s Mistress Brownie 1 – Get It Right Or Be Punished!

Mistress Brownie 1 has little tolerance for forgetful people. She tells you to call her “Mistress Brownie 1” and you better call her exactly that. You are tied on a leash and you can not get away. Call her Brownie . . . get the crop, call her Mistress . . . get the crop, call her Mistress Brownie . . . get the crop.

Finally her poor boy toy gets it right and calls her Mistress Brownie 1 and he is rewarded by being allowed to give her horsey back rides around the dungeon. She then proceeds to handcuff him as she fucks his throat and ass. In the end she lies back and orders him to suck her nipples to heighten her pleasure as she climaxes to her own touch.

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