Mistress Brownie Demands You Worship Her Feet!

On Transexdomination today, Tranny Mistress Brownie is a VERY demanding bitch. She has no tolerance for men and she makes this very clear. In the first set, she DEMANDS that you come to her and worship her feet. She is extremely agitated with men in general and she takes it out on you with her verbal abuse.

She teases you by slowly taking her shoes off and rubbing her pretty manicured toes showing off the freshly painted toes. She rubs her feet together and tells you how she would stroke your cock with her feet. In the second set we find Brownie waiting for a guy who is supposed to pick her up.

She is upset because he did not have enough respect to be early. She is sitting outside smoking a cigarette. You can see as her lips tighten around the cigarette and she sucks in deeply. She exhales sensually and taps the ashes off the end of her cigarette. She tires of waiting and returns inside her dungeon to stroke her hard cock to an explosive finish.

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