Use My Throat Until I Drool Ropes!

NEW GIRL ALERT! Grab your fans and a ice-cold beverage, because we’ve got a sweltering sapphic story to serve up! Sophie’s got a bonafide girl-crush, and she’s sharing her heart with her diary! Still giddy after her tawdry encounter with the object of her affection, she decides to relive some of that passion in her room. Sophie is an adorable beauty, with a sultry voice that is guaranteed to make cocks throb. Paired with perfect skin, pouty lips and a great tight ass, and you’ll be wishing she had a crush on you! Just thinking about her paramour has her cock pointing skyward, so she works quickly to release the tension. She stroke her girl-cock while slipping fingers into her tight, smooth hole, gorging herself with pleasure. Once she relaxed enough, a dildo get a spit bath and stuffed into her fantastic ass! This Lil bottom needs more than one hole attended to, so she pulls out the robo-fuxx9000 to give her throat the cramming it needs. The depraved lil slut even fills her mouth to overflow with cumlube to make the exchange as sloppy, wet, and messy as possible. Thoughts of her crush fill her head as plastic cock fills her throat as she cums (for the second time), Finally sated for a bit. Make sure you catch this awesome update here at Tgirls Hookup, where love is in the air (or is that cum?) xoxo, Ana Andrews



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