All models who have worked with us, are eligible to get some free content for their fan sites.

We recognise the difficulties in keeping your fan sites up to date and the complications (and costs) some have in getting professionally shot content, so we’ve came up with a plan which we think should allow our models to profit further from their shoots with us, and to keep their members happier with extra content.

At zero cost to the model, they can select sets they have shot with us, and upload into their OnlyFans, JustForFans, Fansly and other fan platforms.

You’re not naïve, we of course are hoping that our branding is seen and enjoyed by your fans. We feel this is a really great way, for us all to work together better, and keep those people who pay for their porn, happier.

So how does this work?

Once a scene as featured on the main Grooby site for 90 days, it’s eligible for you to use.    You email us at, sign the free license agreement and download the scene from the site.

That’s it.  Super easy.

A few basic rules:*

You can use as few or as many of the photos as you wish, but no photo can be altered, changed filtered, or added text/logos.

Videos must remain intact and can not be edited.

These are only for use on approved fan sites; OnlyFans, JustForFans, Fansly or other approved fan platforms.

You cannot charge extra for the content, or put behind a different paywall other than your normal fan account.

You can only use one scene in any 12 week period.  If a 2-set scene, then it will be the first set – or the hardcore, or the 1-set solo.   No VR content (but you can use TransexPOV scene from the VR).

You cannot use the scene on social media or any form of advertising to direct people to your fan accounts.  This is intended to bring extra value to your existing fans, and give you a breather between updates.

The content needs to have “Shown with permission from Grooby.” – this will also ensure that our anti-piracy teams don’t delete it.

We’re back-dating this to Jan 1st so the first new scenes will be available from April 1st – but any model who has worked with us within the past 24 months, can select one scene now, from Jan 2020-Nov 2021 to show immediately.

Please be respectful with the content.  This is a good opportunity for you to get ongoing content for your fans and if you do wish to add a link back to the site,  you can make 50% of any signups by getting your link at

Any questions, email

*full rules and terms will be on the ‘free licensing agreement’

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