Eileen Crowe’s Solo Debut!

May 19, 2023|

Today we have another brand-new Slut Fantasies for you and it is hot hot hot! Eileen Crowe is a total babe, with super-hot mommy vibes. She's thick and sexy, with an amazing ass, perfect tits, pretty face and a very thick cock! Eileen Crowe is just absolutely gorgeous. It's no

Gamer Girl Scores with Willow Astible

February 2, 2023|

Willow is an adorable tgirl with a cute slender body, plump ass and an enormous cock. Laying in her bed and hornier than ever, she pens her most recent sexual encounter in her top-secret diary. Most of us have fantasied about fucking a hot roommate, but for Willow, it really

Backstage Groupie Fleshlight

December 16, 2022|

What's up, supersluts? Tgirls Hookup never falters when it comes to delivering hot sluts to your screen each week, and today is no exception!Today we have the lovely Nikki North returning to the TGHU bedroom for another hot, steamy story pulled straight from her diary! Nikki finds herself in the

My Holes Are Yours If You Can Tame Me

November 11, 2022|

The TGHU smut machine is back in full swing! And you're gonna love what's coming hot off of the assembly line today. Paige has been burning up the charts lately, and we're happy that she stumbled upon the app! She's a bit sceptical though, and a brat to boot, so

TGirlsHookup: Chelly & Sammy

October 27, 2022|

Tgirls Hookup is always striving to bring you the freshest, hottest sluts making the filthiest smut they can come up with and today is no exception! Today we've got the lovely Sammi Smith! This Lil hottie discovered our app and immediately started swiping, on the hunt for hotties. With lovely

Creaming For Her Cum!

September 23, 2022|

Tgirls Hookup has always been a who's who of filthy sluts, and to continue that tradition we bring you, Itzel Saenz! Remember that name, you'll be moaning it later.Itzel is a demure caramel-skinned sweetheart. with darling looks to match her sweet disposition. Her slender frame and supple breasts just make

Lying Top Gets Humiliated and Punished!

September 2, 2022|

Happy September 1st, here at TGHU we're starting the month off with a bang!!Itzel Saenz is hot and horny and looking for someone with that "big girl dick" who can fuck her asshole good and rough. She's super excited when she immediately matches with the super sexy Billie Beaumont, who Launches Official Channel on Adult Time

August 17, 2022|

LOS ANGELES, CA - Kelly Quell’s proudly launched its official channel under Adult Time this week. Quell’s unique brand of raunchy hardcore content will now be available to view on   “We've had great success working with Adult Time for our Grooby channel and thought that Kelly Quell's

Ashes to Ashes, Ass to Mouth!

August 5, 2022|

The Return of Daisy Chainsaw! This beauty is a TGHU staple and she's here to show you why! With Captivating eyes, delicious puffy nipples, a cute ass, and a ridiculously thick cock, you can see why we keep her on speed dial! In today's sexy diary entry she deals with

Kimberly Sin Takes Two!

July 11, 2022|

I realize some of you have been asking for scenes with guys in it, and some of you have been wanting to see threesomes with double anal, so...Your request's have been answered! Today is your lucky day! Here is a threesome with double anal !!!This scene starts right to the

Use My Throat Until I Drool Ropes!

July 1, 2022|

NEW GIRL ALERT! Grab your fans and a ice-cold beverage, because we've got a sweltering sapphic story to serve up! Sophie's got a bonafide girl-crush, and she's sharing her heart with her diary! Still giddy after her tawdry encounter with the object of her affection, she decides to relive some of

Nasty Whore Left Wet Open And Disgusting! 

June 23, 2022|

Like the perfect summer hotdog, this scene has some amazing flavor and serious bite! Ivona Marie is on the prowl she’s making damn sure all the thirsty tops online now that she’s open and available! She got curves for days with perky nipples and an ass that just won’t quit.

Bless My Asshole with Your Squirt Queen!

June 10, 2022|

We always bring you the hottest, nastiest smut imaginable and this one won't disappoint! Cloudy Vi finally figured out how to work the buttons on the tghu app, and this dick-brained bimbo is officially on the prowl!Cloudy always has her pick of the litter, with her adorable babyface and an

Make Me Your Little Office Slut!

June 9, 2022|

Let's give a big TGHU welcome to Saska Sage! This delicious morsel showed her sweet cheeks back in May and we got such a warm reception we had to have her back! This cutie has a gorgeous face and a tight ass that's just made for squeezing! And her girl-cock

Well Oiled Slut Machine is Desperate For Dick!

May 13, 2022|

Holy Fuck this week's scene is hot as hell!!We have two brand new hotties this week debuting for you in a scene so good it will make you drip precum all down your leg. Your boss will see the wet precum streak down your slacks and be like, "Oh I

Billie’s Exxxtra Credit ASSignment!

May 6, 2022|

Billie is back! Ms. Beaumont returns after such a strong first impression to tell a tale of schoolgirl lust that'll definitely have you hot, horny, and ready to blow! This sexy, lean siren has quite the tale to tell, having been recently haunted by dreams of her sultry professor. She

Ain’t No Business Like Ho Business!

April 30, 2022|

Nicole Cheshire is back with this week's steamy solo! She's been getting her hole stretched out all day thinking about her fun and horny time at the TEAs. Wait until you here Nicole's true story about what happened one night in Hollywood. She's got quite the dirty mind to share

Fucked In The Ass In First Class!

April 17, 2022|

Nicole Korsakova has more sordid stories for you to stroke your shaft to! This sultry siren is a returning stunner, and you can certainly see why! With amazing tits, dangerous curves and the perfect "fuck-me" pout, this sexy switch has tops to the verge of creaming' and bottoms key-smashing whenever

Cloudy Vi: Fucked In The Ass After Class

April 1, 2022|

The hits! Keep! Coming! Today we've got the amazing Cloudy Vi sharing her sticky-sweet diary with us today! With her plush lips, adorable eyes, and amazing body, she got a unique skill to look absolutely innocent while doing the most depraved things. Cloudy talks about her secret rendezvous with her

Serena Bubbles Tamed And Used By Gina James

March 25, 2022|

Serena Bubbles is back again and this time with an attitude. She's fed up with pathetic tops who can't fuck their way out of a paper bag. She's the Filthiest Slut Ever Born (TM) remember, and now she needs the real fucking deal. Serena cruises the TGHU app looking for

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