Mistress Gabrielle Will Tear You a New One!

Mistress Gabrielle walks in on her restrained slave as he struggles with his bindings. She immediately puts a stop to this and lets him know he is here to pleasure her, to suck her cock, and for her to FUCK! She asks if he is okay with this, but before he can respond (which is difficult with his ball gag in place) she tells him his answer doesn’t matter because it is all going to happen anyway.

Poor Danny had no idea what he was getting himself into. When he first felt her Massive cock slide into his mouth he reeled back in horror. . . realizing the damage her cock would do to his ass. And damage it she does.

She pounds his ass with a vengeance before dumping a huge load all over his face!!!

Items Used from Grooby Stockroom:

*Lace-up Latex Top
*Lace-up Latex Skirt
*Leather Mask with Ball Gag
*Leather Wrist Restraints
*Leather Slapper Paddle
*Leather Choker with Metal Spikes

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