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Queen Nubian Barbie

April 27, 2024|

Back for her first sets in 2024, the lovely Nubian Barbie, one of the most visited models on this set since she debuted back in the mists of time, which was 2018. Nubian was at the TEA Show in February this year, where I can attest she looks even

You Can Bank on Dior

April 26, 2024|

The gorgeous Dior Banks is back and in her sexy bed wear, to show off that hot body and get you into bed with her. Her big smile, her seductive eyes and her awesome aesthetics are only the start of the visual feast your eyes are going to take

Real Heat, Authentic Sex

April 25, 2024|

This is a pretty awesome scene with site favourite Amiyah Love and King Death Stroke. You can feel the heat and the tension as they start to discover each other's bodies, touching and feeling to see where gets the biggest responses. Their hands and mouths eager to sample what

April Come She Will

April 24, 2024|

April, come she will When streams are ripe and swelled with rain May, she will stay Resting in my arms again June, she'll change her tune In restless walks she'll prowl the night New boost APRIL CAN SHOW YOU MORE AT BLACK-TGIRLS.COM

Welcome Back Izzy Rad

April 20, 2024|

It's been far too long since we've seen this buxom beauty on the site, so I was very excited when KilaKali turned in these lovely sets. For those who like their girls on the bigger side, Izzy is just about perfection. This 23 year old has a really beautiful

Miles of Smiles

April 19, 2024|

I'm a sucker for a girl who smiles. I can live without the posturing, the duck-face pose and the being too cool to be hot, but when a pretty girl smiles and her whole face lights up, then my heart melts and I'm like a magnet getting drawn into

My Night With Kisses Karrera

April 18, 2024|

Where would you take Kisses to in her home city of Baltimore? I selected 'The Prime Rib' on Calvert and over martinis and juicy steaks we got to know one-another, have some laughs and get entranced by her seductive eyes, which she knows just how to raise at the

Jada Dickens Finds Her Prince

April 18, 2024|

What does every Princess need? Why a Prince of course. Jada Dickens needs someone to take care of her, to pamper her, to draw her a bath, and to bring her dinner... but a maid could do that. She needs a Prince. Someone who comes into the boudoir and

Feeling Vanity

April 13, 2024|

Another nice set of this exciting and sexually charged 28 year old from Virginia. Knee high stockings, which judging by the condition of them, she's worn them more than a few times when she's been on her knees (I'm not saying what she could have been doing on her

Tiara Tops!

April 12, 2024|

She's done a number of hardcore shoots or us over the almost ten years that Tiara has worked for us, but this is the first time I've seen her topping and I think the first time I've seen Country Boi taking it. Tiara knows what she wants and what

April: A Very Naughty Girl

April 11, 2024|

There is only one reason a hot and sexy girl in her 30's would put on this outfit, with those stay up stockings, the black patent leather pumps, the white 'virginical' panties and that short pink mini-skirt. It's because she wants to be a very naughty girl. She wants

Purrrfect Kitten

April 10, 2024|

Japanese Kitten returns for her first scene in a year. I didn't recognise her at first with her change of hair and style, but this is a lovely shoot from KilaKali of this highly rated and much requested girl. A sweet 25 yrs old, 5ft 10 with a lovely

Joining Diamond Jai

April 6, 2024|

Let's face it, you're not going to say no, if Diamond Jai invited you over for a bootycall. You're not going to decline joining her on the bed and kissing those big, pink lips while looking into her dark eyes, feeling yourself get excited and erect and she kisses

Save All Your Kisses For Me

April 5, 2024|

Kisses Karrera returns and this time she means business - and she's not taking prisoners. A tight latex suit hugs her body and those infamous curves, her breasts pouring over the top, her legs just glimpsed beneath before they're lost in matching black PVC stiletto boots - shiny, tall

Model of the Month Montrea Rich

April 4, 2024|

Phew here is a scorcher delivered by KilaKali last month but I wanted to hold her for April's Model of the Month. This tall, sexy 20 year old from Missouri is featuring in her first shoot, and I think she's going to be one of the models to watch

The Mane Event

April 3, 2024|

Who doesn't love some fabulous hair and in Vanity's first return shoot in a year, she's displayed some of the best locks I've ever seen on this site. Beautiful. Vanity appears to have developed nicely since her previous shoot and is showing a demure yet confident look in these

It’s Playtime With Baad Girl

March 28, 2024|

She's got her playsuit on. Her soft shorts and easy access top that she wears for one reason only, they come off and can be thrown in the corner of the room (and lie there crinkled) easily, when she's hot and ready to play. They both give easy access

A Beauty in Your Bed

March 27, 2024|

It's a booty call for Beauty and you're the lucky guy she's decided to bequeath that amazing body on tonight, for fun and games, if you are up to it. Beauty splays out across the white sheets, her dark skin contrasting, the black lace outfit creating more mystery as

Introducing Ninania Star

March 23, 2024|

Debuting a new girl today. Ninania Star is Californian, but closer to Las Vegas than Los Angeles, and has worked with a few producers there before Radius was able to get her in. She's a tall, statuesque girl, solid and firm, with shapely legs, a nice big ass, lovely

Taste the Sweet of Cutie Cream

March 22, 2024|

Lots to feast your eyes on with Cutie Cream - her tight, smooth and lean body - budding breasts, sweet ass and tight hole. And when you've looked enough it's time to come in for a first taste, young tongue brushing over her glossed lips and finding it's way

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