Mistress Kelise is the Meanest Mistress in the Dungeon

Beautiful Mistress Kelise is just plain mean. She is so HOT that the cold temperature never bothers her, but the 40 degree weather in her dungeon has the slave freezing. Although he begs for a jacket, she has no mercy for him and instead tightly wraps him in saran wrap. She then spanks his ass with a large red lather paddle. The cold makes every hit sting.

Once she bores of tormenting him, she works his ass open with a variety of toys and then positions him helplessly in a sex swing so she can fuck him as she pleases. She decides she does not like to look on his face, so she puts a mask to cover him up as she comes on him from pleasuring herself.

He is not worthy of extracting the cum shot from her, but she has no reservations about spraying it on him.

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