Five Years After

November 29, 2023|

She first appeared, Loreal makes a surprise return. This 5ft 7, slim 28 year old is a bundle of energy and loves being in front of the camera almost as much as she loves being naked. So a photoshoot by KilaKali is something that she really loves, as it

The Long Legs of Bella Bunny

November 25, 2023|

A brand new girl debuting today from Omar Wax who came across Bella on a recent road trip shooting across the US. Bella is a mixed-race Afro-Cuban originally from Florida, who has a unique look and style. 5ft 11 (but with the hair maybe 6ft 10), slim with some

First Timer Friday: Godiva’s Climax!

November 25, 2023|

Gorgeous newbie Godiva returns this Friday with a follow-up to her hot debut and she's ready to give you some more! An amazing body and a perfect booty - Godiva is a real hottie! See this horny beauty posing and stroking her cock until she reaches climax in today's

A Sprinklez of Magic

November 22, 2023|

Awesome to see Foxy Sprinklez return (we last saw her at the start of the year). This rather sexy, very unique looking, 27 year old from Maryland has been often requested, so when Omar was in her area, she was on his hit list. Foxy really does take her

The Unstoppable Erika Black

November 22, 2023|

"Hi guys here is a little about myself, I'm a versatile bottom that loves the type of guys that are rough and rugged and have street sense. I loved being controlled and dominated. When I am on bottom I love an aggressive guy to take me doggy style and

It’s Erika Black Day!

November 18, 2023|

Erika's been featured here since, 2012 and she's a perennial favourite, coming out to bloom and flower each year. Omar couldn't go for a shooting trip to her area without hitting her up. Slim and smooth, with some nice sized boobs and absolutely killer nipples, Erika always makes herself

21+ Only

November 17, 2023|

After an awesome debut shoot a few weeks ago, our debutante beauty, 21 year old, 5ft 8 toned trans delight, Cache returns. Another hot set showing Cache's sex appeal, and energy in front of the camera - as she starts in a sexy little bra and skirt, which were

Eat This Ass

November 17, 2023|

"Come on baby, this ass isn't going to eat itself. My plump booty, has been shaking and wobbling to draw you in, and it's baby smooth. How good does it look? Grab a feel and then spread those cheeks wide and you can get deep down to the honeypot

Butt-Tastic Amiyah Love

November 16, 2023|

There is little better than a gorgeous trans girl with a perfect butt, being totally naked, bending over and thrusting that ass high in the air. Her cheeks naturally parting so we can see that smooth, tight, dark hole beckoning with her long legs and hips ready to be

April Returns

November 15, 2023|

What I've always loved about this site (giving myself a congratulatory pat on the back) is its ability so show so many different types of black trans girls, on ages, styles and looks. We know there is (usually) someone for everyone but the main thing we look for is

What a Dyme!

November 11, 2023|

Divine Dyme was very well received on her debut set a few weeks back so I'm expecting a lot are going to enjoy this second set of this hottie from Pennsylvania. Divine appears to have a large personality, with a great smile and loads of confidence in her exhibitionism

Peachez Gets Her Tight Hole Fucked!

November 10, 2023|

Ready Red fires Peachez for being late to her stripping job. Peachez tries to convince Red to give her a second chance! Watch our favorite Peachez getting her tight hole fucked and enjoying every moment of it in this week's HC exclusive produced by KilaKali! WATCH PEACHEZ GETS

Erika Black Rides Again

November 9, 2023|

She loves sex. She's always up for it. Erika Black returns and of course, if there is the opportunity to ride a big cock on camera, then Erika is down for it. This is another awesome hardcore from Erika with her man, Peaceful BBC and they start in a

Shar’Daysha Hard and Horny

November 8, 2023|

Shar'Daysha has a super toned body. Muscular and fit, when she stands up with those big boobs sticking straight out, and that big, curved cock it's quite the picture. She loves all sex, loves sucking on a big cock, loves getting her ass eaten, is a expert at pounding

Selene’s Orgasm

November 8, 2023|

Selene really wanted to orgasm after an afternoon of photos with Omar got her hornier and hornier at each click of the button, and flash of the bulb. She quickly strips down in this set, showing off that big, brown butt and nice smooth, curvy figure with thick thighs

FreakofdaweekK & Corazon!

November 4, 2023|

October 2022's Model of the Month on BlackTGirls called up Omar Wax - "I want to fuck someone on camera" she whispered down the phone. This is a good sleazy hardcore with Corazon more than eager to step up - and kneel down before FreakofdaweekK's big cock, taking it

Cache This!

November 3, 2023|

Here's a cute new hot girl debuting today. 21 years old, from Louisiana, Cache applied directly to the site, and we rushed her application over to Omar who produced some beautiful sets with her. She's quite a dynamic looking model, and well put together with perfect makeup and hair,

Love Is In The Air

November 2, 2023|

After an amazing return a few months ago, we wanted to get Amiyah Love back in for another shoot and she's returned with a new hairstyle but the same sexiness and energy as she'd shown. Amiyah is very pretty, with a huge smile which radiates through her photos, glossy

Baby in Blue

October 25, 2023|

Shar'Daysha returns in a new set from Omar. Wearing a tight fitting blue dress which hugs very single line on her tight body, her breasts almost overspilling, and her cock just peaking out the bottom, it's not going to be what she's wearing to church this week. She soon


October 21, 2023|

A new discovery for today, this cutie is 27 years old, 5ft 11, slim and sexy and from Georgia. It's a hot summer day when Tequila came to the shoot, and she's dressed appropriately with tight shorts showing off her perfectly round ass, and a crop top which enhances

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