Are You Ready to Taste Black Tranny Jizz Jam?

Grooby Productions and Third World Media present their latest title, BLACK TRANNY JIZZ JAM! Five hardcore scenes featuring some of the hottest black shemales I’ve ever seen! Sasha Strokes, Luxury, Sheeba, Starr, Unique, and Chastity Kane. So you’re probably asking yourself, what the hell is a jizz jam?! As you can see from the cover, it involves a whole lotta jizz. Some might think it’s a big party, a jizz jamboree. Others might argue it’s a big yummy jar of jizz jam from all these horny black trannies. Well, whatever Jizz Jam means to you…believe me, either way it involves a lot of cum.

First up is Chastity Kane, looking a it like a skittle in her rainbow dress. Cane certainly wants to taste her rainbow. He plows into her from behind, as her ass jiggles with each thrust!

In the next scene, Luxury is wearing black lingerie and a massive hard-on.  Cane wastes no time sucking her huge cock, giving much need attention to her tight balls! While he fucks her on the bed, she maintains eye contact with the camera nearly the whole time. You’ll feel like she wants you watching her.

It’s a Happy New Year celebration with Sasha Strokes and Cane. They count down together and spray each other with silly string (not that kind, but that comes later) at midnight! My favorite part of this scene is watching Sasha  sucking Cane off. She’s shakes her ass as she sucks him off–I can’t take my eyes away from her!  Then she shakes her ass in his face while she licks her she-hole, then pulls her cock between her cheeks to suck her off.

Sheeba Starr looks HOT with her rocker attitude and pasties! She could jump and down and twirl those tit tassels around. She fucks like a rockstar too.  Her ass is a thing of beauty, it’s so round, considering how petite the rest of her body is (cock excluded). This is one raunchy hardcore scene!

Finally, we have t-girl Unique! She’s tall and slender, but definitely not delicate. This hottie likes it rough! When Cane inserts his thick cock inside of her, she pounds down on it, wanting him to thrust harder! She rides his cock, bouncing faster and faster to bring herself to climax.



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