Sexy Japanese Shemales Swinging their Swords!

Hinako makes her debut today on Shemale Japan with a great, big bang! This legendary escort has repeatedly turned down any adult video offers…until now! It’s a privilege to have her on the site. I can see why you’ll need to book at least one month ahead with Hinako!

Nagoya native Maria Tominaga is one of the big name AV actresses in Japan right now. She has a cute Japanese Ningyo Doll look to her, but is physically superb because of her perfect breasts and big cock. This is the final set of this shoot, so let her image marinate in your mind!

While we’re on the subject of hot and hard Japanese shemales, we’re now carrying a new title at Shemale Video Direct: Shemale Shoguns! Don’t underestimate them. Thought the ancient Japanese shoguns were intimidating? Wait till these Shemale Shoguns come at you with a sword of their own! They’ll have you running for the hills (to go home and jackoff).


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