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GroobyDVD presents Tgirl Japan #15

October 30, 2020|

Sushi or Steak? Why not have both? These gorgeous Japanese transsexuals have more to offer - and more to give than the average girl. Sweet, smooth assholes, warm and inviting - and long, hard cocks that love to be savoured, or plowed into the nearest willing hold. Enter the world

Sophisticated and Beautiful Rui Matsushita

September 16, 2014|

Newhalf Rui Matsushita always looks so poised and beautiful in her scenes on Shemale Japan.  Osaka native Rui just can't wait to lift up her skirt, pull her little panties to the side and stroke that sweet girl cock for you before opening up her ass cheeks and inviting you

Summer Breeze with Konatsu Satsuki

June 13, 2014|

After a 4-month break teen sweetheart Konatsu Satsuki is back on Shemale Japan. Dressed in her summer casual wear she is looking a little more sweet and innocent than in her previous set but don't be deceived! This Tokyo babe soon gets back to her naughty self as spreads her

Slutty Schoolgirl Ren Ouka

May 22, 2014|

Slutty schoolgirl Re Ouka ditched class today to shoot a scene with us on Shemale Japan! She works in a show pub in Japan and fondly remembers her time in the US. She's trilingual (English, Japanese, and Korean!).  Maybe if we ask nicely enough, she'll make another trip to the

Ren Ouka Turns Heads on Shemale Japan

May 7, 2014|

Please welcome the stunning Ren Ouka who is set to turn heads on Shemale Japan! Hiro finds us some of the hottest newhalfs in Japan and Ren Ouka is no exception! She's a slender cutie pie with pouty lips, giving us the kind of bedroom eyes that beg for more

Bikinis and Bulges on Shemale Japan

April 29, 2014|

It's finally warming up and you know what that means! Bikini season is here! Karina Shiratori is certainly ready for summer, just look at her latest scene on Shemale Japan! She's enjoying the warm weather by lounging poolside, showing off her tight body in that revealing swimsuit. If you imagine

A Vision in White – Newhalf Kaoru

April 21, 2014|

Japanese shemale Kaoru is proud of her feminine body and she's got the sexy body of a nubile 21-year old. She was born in Sao Paolo, Brazil but moved back to Japan in childhood. She loves animation and bases herself on her favorite characters. Her favorite men are straight forward,

Slutty Schoolgirl Rise on Shemale Japan

March 10, 2014|

Newhalf Rise Kaneshiro returns to the site today and just seems to get better with every shoot. Cute as a button, this enticing Tokyo starlet treats her fans to that long awaited cumshot in today's update. Only on Shemale Japan! CLICK HERE TO SEE SLUTTY SCHOOLGIRL RISE ON SHEMALE JAPAN!

Newhalf Rise is a Slutty Schoolgirl

January 24, 2014|

Beautiful newhalf Rise Kaneshiro is dressed as a slutty schoolgirl who just wants to stay home and fuck her boyfriend all day long. He thinks that would be a good idea and encourages her to ditch class. He promises that he'll suck her cock good and fuck her deep and

Sultry Newhalf Aya Debuts on Shemale Japan

December 12, 2013|

The simply jaw-dropping newhalf Aya makes her debut on Shemale Japan today. This newhalf starlet is really something else with her gorgeous feminine body and sweet, beautiful face.  Aya is the kind of newhalf that will surely leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees her! CLICK HERE TO SEE

Purr-fect Newhalf Kana Hoshino

October 4, 2013|

The lovely Kana Hoshino is the purrrrr-fect kind of newhalf! She likes heavy petting and being tongued by the right guy! Twenty-five years young Kana is a fashion/magazine model. Her training in the modelling industry shines through in these photos. Kana is an Osakan born and bred. She surely has

Horny Bride Sayaka Ayasaki

July 16, 2013|

Horny Bride Sayaka AyasakiThis blushing bride is ready for some wedding night fun! Sayaka is a beautiful Japanese shemale with tight curves and a responsive cock. She's playful and sweet, but also a firecracker in bed. CLICK HERE AND MAYBE NEWHALF SAYAKA WILL BE YOUR BRIDE TO BE!

Newhalf Yuno Is Kinky!

May 21, 2013|

Twenty-four year old Yuno lives in Saitama, a suburb of Tokyo, and like millions of others, commutes to Tokyo for work. She works as a newhalf escort for an agency. She is good friends with two other SMJ models Juri and Rie. She returns today wearing class lingerie and stockings,

Newhalf Yuno Is Kinky!

May 21, 2013|

Twenty-four year old Yuno lives in Saitama, a suburb of Tokyo, and like millions of others, commutes to Tokyo for work. She works as a newhalf escort for an agency. She is good friends with two other SMJ models Juri and Rie. She returns today wearing class lingerie and stockings,

Newhalf Appreciation Day

May 2, 2013|

  I'd like to declare today newhalf appreciation day! Today we have a great newhalf appreciation update on Shemale Japan.  Japanese shemales Ran Mizumoto and Koyki Kase demonstrate the sensuality and gentleness between two sexy t-girls. Check out Shemale Japan for more hot solo and hardcore scenes featuring Japan's most

Shall We Dance, Newhalf Lisa?

April 24, 2013|

Tokyo newhalf Lisa kind of reminds me of an elegant ballroom dancer in today's scene on Shemale Japan. She would dance circles around you and take you back to her place for the horizontal mambo! Lisa has a half Japanese half Spanish mother, and a half Japanese half American father,

Newhalf Sena Loves Cock!

April 16, 2013|

Sena Kasaiwazaki (formerly called Saki) is a shy Tokyo newhalf who loves hot, dirty sex. She's afraid to admit it, but once you start rubbing her cock, she gives in and starts begging for more. Sena likes guys who are simply and easy. She is into, as you may have

Santa Sayaka and her Holiday Balls!

December 25, 2012|

Ho, ho, ho! Have you ever heard of newhalf Santa Sayaka? While the regular Santa give toys to good little boys and girls, Santa Sayaka likes to give out free blowjobs to all the naughty men that she can find! Wishing you a happy holidays from Grooby Productions and the

Horny French Maid Rea on Shemale Japan

October 2, 2012|

Japanese shemale Rea comes from Kyoto but now lives and works in Osaka. Since her debut as an escort at the beginning of this year, she has shot to stardom in no time and is now the proud reigning 3rd best-selling girl in the industry. Rea is a typical so-called

Her Cums the Newhalf Bride

August 17, 2012|

Have you ever imagined getting married to a sexy newhalf? Well, Japanese shemale Nene Aizawa is here as the stunning bride you always fantasized about, right down to the cumtastic wedding night! Nene is only 20 years old this year. She has starred, in 2011 alone so far, in 35

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