Still Skinny. Still Game.

Skinny Yasmine is back for her first shoot of 2023, and looking fantastic in black with a more assertive and dominant demeanor than her first sets. This girl clearly knows what she likes, what she wants, and that she’s going to get it, so wet your lips and get that mouth ready to go to work. Lie back, as Yasmine is going to sit on your face, her smooth pussy and sweet asshole need tonguing and as you thrust your tongue into her holes, she squirms and moves around, grinding deeper on you, your nose in one hole, your tongue in another. When she’s feeling satisfied, she’s going to slide down your body, take that hard cock (and it better be hard by now), and slide it into her pussy, gliding up and down to get maximum friction and full penetration. Yasmine has brought her goods, now you had better deliver.

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