Korra Del Rio & Sarina Havok

Helloooooo ladies!! Another popping update from the world’s only site dedicated to sizzling trans on trans sex, TGirls.Porn!! Korra Del Rio and Sarina Havok just couldn’t wait to get into each other’s panties in this Radius Dark produced exclusive, both bringing their A-Game to a 35 minute bareback romp around the sheets. It’s a real hot one this…..so don’t miss it!!!


TGirlLover69 on 23rd Feb 2021
“Sarina and Korra are both so stunningly gorgeous! This was a great scene to watch, I especially enjoyed any part where Korra was taking Sarina into her mouth (the POV facefuck scene was amazing!) and Sarina’s cumshot was unbelievably hot! I’m used to seeing both of these girls bottom a lot, so seeing Korra have a chance to top for a bit was nice. Just as some wishful thinking, I’d love to see either of these girls getting fucked by a fat dicked, dominant, seasoned top like Cherry Maverick at some point!”

sensitivegeye on 23rd Feb 2021
I enjoyed watching these two breathtaking women have bareback lesbian sex. It was so hot watching Sarina and Korra kissing while Korra’s face was full of Sarina’s CUM. The interview at the end is adorable.

iloveshebi on 23rd Feb 2021
“From two beautiful and talented girls, only an exceptional and grandiose scene could come out. I had already seen them in action on another site in a great scene. Thanks for bringing them back together on tgirls.com.”

TheGooch1 on 23rd Feb 2021
“Superb! Wonderful views, great chemistry. Both of the ladies are just gorgeous. And Radius – you really know how to frame things up juuust right. Loved those peeks at their sweet feet, that interview at the ends was sublime. All in all, this gets my highest compliments – 5/5, this is what memberships are made of”

KnightHawk. on 24th Feb 2021
@TGirlLover69,@Sensitivegeye,@Iloveshebi and @TheGooch1:Completely Agree. And looking forward to seeing more of Korra Del Rio and Sarina Havok. Keep up the superb work Radius Dark

turned_on on 24th Feb 2021
oh my fucking god you switchy hot darlings <3

Soxfan0472 on 24th Feb 2021
It’s been quite awhile since we have seen Sarina on here and very happy to see her back…her cumshot was very impressive. When I first saw korra many years ago thought I thought she would always be a bottom. I think she has become one of the best tops in the business. She performs great with men, Trans girls and cis girls


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