Support During Uncertain Times

Hey friends,

As we head into June after months of quarantine, understandably many of us are feeling the stress of the collective trauma the world is experiencing, the loneliness of isolation, and the anxiety of loneliness.

June is traditionally LGBT Pride Month. Some people have scolded the LGBT community about “celebrating” this month, but did you know that Pride actually started with a Riot? The Stonewall Riots in 1969 were a huge milestone for the LGBT community. Activist Marsha P. Johnson was a black trans woman at the front of the movement at the time and someone our community should honor each year. So however you spend this month, whether it is on the frontlines of the BLM movement, by advocating and protesting online, or by focusing on your own self-care and safety, please know all of these are important and valid ways to support yourself, especially this month.

Although we’re not mental health professionals (but hey, did you know I’m on my way to become a licensed therapist? I’m in my second year of grad school, working toward an MA in Psychology. My goal is to create more trans sex work affirming and competent mental health resources specifically for our community!), Grooby believes in our responsibility to support our community as much as we can. This resource page will be added as I find more things, so please bookmark this and check back often:

Grooby Girls Support Group – I’m in the process of starting a weekly virtual support group to support our performers. This private group will be facilitated by me and on a case-by-case approval basis to ensure the safety and privacy of attendees. Contact me for more info!

Hang out at the Grooby discord channel! We’ve created a free channel for people to hang out in. The channel is pretty active throughout the day, so don’t be afraid to just pop in and say hello! – is a free resource guide I’ve created to help people find sex worker and LGBTQ affirming therapists in their area. It doesn’t matter if you have or insurance or not, the steps in this guide can be modified to your personal needs.

If you want to talk to me directly, please know I’m here at your service.

You can reach me at or on Twitter at @thekristelpenn.

In Solidarity,

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