XBIZ released an article yesterday regarding Talent Testing’s puzzling new medical questionnaire. To note, both Talent Testing (TTS) and Cutting Edge Testing (CET) are considered to be the industry-standard for testing and what we require from our performers.

We highly recommend giving XBIZ’s piece a read [here] before continuing.

To summarize, in addition to a required retinal scan, performers are now required to fill out a Medical History Questionnaire. There are concerns about why the retinal scan is needed. As noted in XBIZ’s piece by multiple performers, we are uncomfortable by the multiple-choice question option that asks which sexual activities the individual participates in.

As XBIZ writes:

This last multiple-choice question, #8, offered the options “Solo,” “Anal,” “Oral,” “Girl-Girl,” “Boy-Girl,” “Crossover,” “Boy-Boy (Top)” and “Boy-Boy (Bottom/Recipient).”

“Not only is question #8 vague,” [Jessica] Drake told XBIZ, “it also certainly stigmatizes and shames other already marginalized groups of sex workers, and time has shown that shame makes people hide their activities even more.”

We are waiting further comment from FSC and Talent Testing, but in the meantime, we are encouraging performers who work with us to only test at Cutting Edge Testing in the meantime.