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There is absolutely nothing to watch on television on Saturday morning. I mean, I could watch the news, but nah.  I’m older now and those Saturday morning cartoons just don’t cut it for me anymore.  So what do I do? I hop online and decide to see who’s online at ImLive! No matter what time of day I go on, there’s always something going and this morning TSSexyPornoStar’s name was blinking and  tempting me. In my experience, I think most of the girls are up for anything as long as you spend time with them. The one thing I like about TSSexyPornoStar is that she’s big on the costumes and backdrop! I particularly like the picture on the bottom because she looks like a slutty stewardess!

If you’re not brave enough to watch a cam show, that’s okay! You can actually sign up for Imlive for FREE and then you’ll have access to HUNDREDS of screencaps (like the ones shown here). It’s  totally worth it–just looking at screencaps is sometimes enough to get what you want (depending on your mood)

Okay, I just looked at the  clock and realized that I’ve been on ImLive for the past three hours. Oh well, time well spent!

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