Extreme Ladyboys Undergoes Major Site Redesign!

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We here at Grooby Productions believe 100% that our sites are the best on the web but we are also smart enough to realize that there are other quality sites out there that are run well, operated with integrity, and care about the industry as a whole. We are always willing to help promote such sites when we can because hey, there’s enough people for porn, right?

Extreme Ladyboys is one of the sites run by ExoticGold whose focus is primarily on Ladyboy porn but also has a number of other niche sites such as Shemale Nova (hardcore Brazilian Shemale), SheAniMale (Shemale hentai), BlackBrazilianShemales (self-explanatory), CDFun (crossdressers), and the unique site, SheMature, which features Shemales who are getting a little up there in the age category. ExoticGold has been been one of the larger producers of Ladyboy-centric porn for quite some time and Extreme Ladyboys certainly has its roll in filling a niche within a niche of edgy, Ladyboy porn.

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Extreme Ladyboys promises its Members the ‘nastiest Ladyboy hardcore sex videos,’ and I have to say, this site delivers! Just visiting the site and watching the small FLASH file in the upper right hand corner of the screen gives you a small glimpse into some of the edgy action waiting for you in the Member’s Area. I don’t know if it’s their slim, petite figures or just their overall exotic nature, but most scenes involving Ladyboys do tend to be more on the softcore side than the hardcore side of porn, even when there’s actual penetration involved. With this site, each and every scene in Extreme Ladyboys is rendered in high quality video and features some of the hottest Ladyboys on the planet getting their asses pounded, throats gagged, and both filled to the brim with spurt after spurt of cum! If you love letting your imagination run a bit wild, there are some awesome roleplaying scenes in Extreme Ladyboys that will leave you thinking that every plumber, electrician, and CEO is a Ladyboy chasing sex-fiend!

Extreme Ladyboys has recently undergone a complete make-over and it is a vast improvement over the old site. The new and improved Extreme Ladyboys contains some great new features in addition to improved navigation such as 100% wide screen videos, high resolution pictures, candid ‘Behind the Scenes’ videos, and a ‘Submit Your Own Script’ feature which allows individual Members to sit in the Director’s seat to watch their own fantasies created right in front of their eyes! Through April 2009 when you join Extreme Ladyboys, you also get free Membership to one of the sites listed above so don’t miss out on this special offer to expand your Shemale horizons! Take Extreme Ladyboys for your Ladyboy needs and join SheAniMale for some hot hentai, or ShemaleNova for some amazing Brazilian Shemale workouts! Your choice and a great value!

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