Love to See Sexy Shemales Smoking? Here’s a Site For You!

Well, the transsexual websites seem to be getting more niche driven, which has to be good news if you’re into specific fetishes. With websites like Transexdomination and TSSeduction appealing the Tranny S&M crowd as well as other fetishes, a new site takes it one step further…shemales smoking!

As a cigar smoker myself (fine Cubans … mail them to me please Fidel!) I’m a little hypocritical in the fact … I just don’t get it, I just don’t get the appeal or the sexual turn-on – but hey, that’s just me! How many of my friends would say they “don’t get” transsexual porn! However, in the 11 yrs I’ve been running shemale websites I’ve had countless requests for more smoking pics and the sets we have put up in Shemale Yum have always been popular…take a look at the sets on Transexdomination and see how popular they have been ranked!

This is a great looking site which great looking content. Transsexuals smoking cigars, puffing on cigarettes and loving their fags! The girls are mostly from Brazil and Thailand, but they have selected the hottest those countries offer.

Frankly, if this is your fetish then you should be over the moon. Here is a legitimate website offering fresh content specifically for you. Curious people should also check it out – who knows, shemales smoking might just be your fetish?

Shemale Smoke!

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