Amy Daly Loves her Fans!

One of the many things I love about Amy Daly’s official website (besides getting all Amy, all the time) is that she really listens to her members. She takes into consideration what they want to see and then she delivers! A lot of members mentioned wanting a foot fetish type scene and here we have it.  When Amy rubs her perfectly manicured feet on her thick cock, you’ll become a foot fetish lover too!

Check out Amy Daly’s official website to see her latest foot fetish update, along with a really hot hardcore scene with her friend Hazel Tucker.

We’ve got a special treat for you all. Amy answered a few questions for her members, check it out below on  This is a great chance to get to know Amy. If you want a  chance to ask Amy some questions, then check out her website. She’s all about interacting with her fans and making sure you’re all happy! It’s hard to find girls who take the time to know their members like Amy does.


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