Natalia Coxx Dominates John Magnum

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John Magnum stops by ” The girls of TranSexDomination thought it was unfair that John Magnum was always the dominant one in all of his scenes. They tried to talk him into doing a submissive scene but he always refused. The girls approached me and told me to be at the dungeon late Tuesday night with my gear set up for a surprise.

Around 11:30pm a car rolled up and a couple girls helped Natalia Coxxx carry in John Magnum’s sedated body. They told me they called Natalia in from NYC and had her approach John at a local bar where they slipped something into his drink and then she lured him out to her car with the promise of a blowjob. Just as she got him to the car he passed out. The girls carried him in and restrained him and then let Natalia do what she does best . . . dominate, humiliate, and decimate men! Watch as he resists everything she does and gags on her cock before screaming out in pain when she forces her hard cock into his ass. It is a war of wills but in the end her hard cock wins out and he blows a load all over himself as she cums on his face and chest!

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