Jessica Host is Back on TranSexDomination

Monica on Transexdomination VODTransexdomination VOD

We’ve got a hot submissive scene on Transexdomination VOD with Monica and Magnum. She gets seriously pounded by him and his fat cock. You can pick and choose which scenes you want. And trust me, this is a scene you want!

Transexdomination VOD

Back in the Transexdomination, Jessica had a bad flight with a delay and a long overlay. The ride was rough and the food was bad . . . when she walked into the dungeon she told us that whoever was her sub was in for it today! She wasn’t kidding! She paddles his ass, ties his cock and balls with a cord that she then tied around his throat . . . watch her yank on it as she fucks his ass . . .. nearly tearing off his cock and balls as she chokes him with it! She was definitely venting her aggression on him. Definitely a hot scene!

Transexdomination Jessica Host Hardcore

Transexdomination Jessica Host

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