Jasmine Jewels Tunes Up Her Mechanic

Mistress Jasmine Jewels invites us in to watch as she deals with the shady auto mechanic who tried to rip her off on fixing her car. She has him stripped, blindfolded, and completely confused about what is happening.

As she tells us about her plans for him that afternoon we can see him squirm about nervously, but he is also getting hard . .. he must be a real sub at heart! She starts with some basic obedience training of verbal commands and then she decides she wants her cock sucked. While the little sissy doesn’t know how to deep throat a thick cock so she has to give him some tutoring.

After a lot of practice he is actually getting pretty good at it and only gags when she grabs his hair and forces her cock all the way down his throat. As a special reward she bends him over and powers that thick cock right up into his tight little ass. She pistons her rod in and out repeatedly . . . at ever increasing RPMs. The mechanic is quickly learning the lesson that is so overdue.


Jasmine Jewels on TransexdominationJasmine Jewels on Transexdomination

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