Mistress Astrid is back and meaner than ever!

Mistress Astrid steps up the intensity from her last performance and puts poor Danny through one hell of a session. The ball parachute puts continuous pressure on his poor nut sack and she yanks the chain on it occasionally to remind him that things can always get worse. She slaps his entire body with her leather riding crop leaving viscious marks all over his skin. She twists his nipples. She pinches his face. She does everything she can to make this poor boy miserable.

Just when he thinks it cant get any worse it suddenly gets a lot better as she slides her hard cock into his mouth. You can see him get hard instantly. The pain was too much but it was worth it for the reward. Unfortunately she has no intentions of stopping now. She sits on the bench and pulls his tight ass onto her EXTREMELY THICK COCK!

Danny thought it couldnt get any worse before . . . but watch his face as she fucks him in reverse cowgirl and then doggie style. The poor guy is getting his ass torn open by her wide member and his face shows the pain of the intrustion. In the end she does reward him with a nice orgasm on his face and tongue.

TS Astrid Forcing Danny to Suck her She-CockTS Astrid Tugging on Danny's Dick

TS Astrid Forcing Danny to Tug on her Dick

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