Warning : Some websites will try to rip you off.

WARNING : Although we’d love to keep you a member of one of the Grooby websites forever (and that’s why we offer discounts such as our ticket system
I appreciate that people like to visit and partake in other websites and with the massive amount of excellent website choices out there, so would I. However, it’s recently came to our attention that some websites
more interested in charging you more than you agreed to by “pre-checking cross sales”. Please, when you consider joining a website that isn’t a Grooby website, check and read
everything very carefully. Often, “free offers” or offers to try FREE time on another site, will result in your credit card being charged for multiple purchases. We will never resort to this sort of practise, we value our customers too much
and will continue to operate our websites with honestly and integrity. Furthermore, we will not promote websites which participate in this sort of practise.

Please please please be aware of the small print. Watch out for sites writing the amount in words ie; “Twenty Nine Ninety Nine” instead of $29.99, in an effort to fool you, among other tactics.
Grooby sites are competitive priced at around the industry standard for 100% original websites that update regularly. If something looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Try these sites, which are not Grooby websites but do offer the same standard of regular updates, customer service and not ripping off their customers.

Bobs Tgirls
Shemale Strokers

Shemale Club

Private Transsexual

Please feel free to ask any questions on the forum.


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