Burglar Gabrielle Breaks into Marcus’ Home and Invades His Ass!

On Transexdomination, poor Marcus does not see Gabrielle casing his house through the window as he lays down for the night. She slips her tight stocking over her head and creeps into his room. As she rummages through his jewelry box she makes a bit too much noise and he awakens asking who is there . . . She literally flies across the room through the air landing with her knee on his chest and hand on his mouth . . . telling him, “shut the fuck up!” She decides since he is awake she may as well have some fun so she force feeds him a LARGE serving of Black Cock and then rolls him over and SLAMS it into his poor tight ass.

Watch TS Gabrielle invade Marcus’ home and ass!

Burglar TS GabrielleBurglar TS Gabrielle About to Rape Little Marcus

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