Mistress Jules is Holding Auditions for New Performers

Mistress Jules is interviewing new male performers for TranSexDomination when she meets Paul. He has never been in a porn before, but claims that he likes to be dominated. She decides to take advantage of this situation and tells him he has to do a free audition with her. He eagerly agrees.

She orders him to strip naked and wait in the changing room while she gets the set ready and dresses herself. When he returns she runs him through the gamut of Transsexual Domination. She starts at teasing and deprivation. Watch his cock rise to full attention just watching her caressing her breasts. He almost cums as she drops to her knees and pretends that she is going to suck his cock. She drags her long sexy fingernails over his cock and teases with the tip of her tongue . . .. asking if he wants her to suck it . .. . she then turns the tables and forces him to his knees and teaches him how to worship HER cock and ass!

Watch her squirm with pleasure as she pulls his face deep into her ass. She finishes with one of the most spirited fucks we have ever seen on TransSexDomination. She really gets into pounding his ass and finally lets loose with a huge load all over his face and she holds his head forcing him to suck her balls as the cum runs into his mouth.

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