Brooke Takes Control and Unleashes her Inner Mistress!

Some shemales are full-time mistresses and some have an inner mistress, like TS Brooke.

Brook goes out 4-wheeling in the desert outside Las Vegas when her truck broke down. A jogger comes by offering to help, but he seems far more interested in checking out Brooke’s tits than taking a look at her truck. His advances become too aggressive, so she tazes him with her stun gun.

The jogger awakens to find Brooke’s boot on his head and his feet and arms bound  together with rope. She pulls him into position and surprises him with her own special tool. After some forced cock sucking, he seems to accept his fate and uses his lips to massage her hard she-cock. She unties his hands, but keeps the rope around his neck to hold him in place, getting him ready for his first ass fucking. She rams her cock into his virgin asshole and finishes his humiliation with a giant cum shot on his chest.

She then smears it all over his face.

Only on Transexdomination!

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