Mistress Nila Will Take Care of Those Anal Impulses

Paul goes to the doctor to check on some unusual “Anal Impulses” he has been experiencing. The nurse gets some information and says she knows just what he needs. The Nurse sends in Doctor Nila who gives paul an in depth examination and determines that he needs a good ass fucking.

Paul seems a bit nervous about the prescription but agrees . . . despite Doc Nila’s warning that once the treatment starts she will NOT stop. Paul ends up getting all of his anal impulse questions answered as Doc Nila thrashes his ass inside and out. She beats his ass red as she tears into his asshole with a rock hard cock.

Paul struggles to handle the size of her cock and the intensity of her thrusts. In the end she has her patient licking her balls as she erupts with a cum shot that flies all the way over her shoulder and onto the floor.

Published On: October 17, 2008Categories: Uncategorized

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