Mistress China Will Humiliate You!

Mistress China is preparing for a fetish shoot in her studio but her toilet is running so she calls maintenance for the building and tells them she needs a plumber. A short while later John-Boy shows up and tells her he is Superintendant here to look at the toilet to see if they really need a plumber.

Mistress China never likes to be questions and takes offense at this. The poor superintendant finds out quickly that he should never question Mistress China. She forces him to his knees and gives him an up close and personal inspection of the toilet as she forces him to lick the bowl clean and then she helps him wash his face as she holds him under the water and repeatedly flushes the toilet.

She then allows him up for some air but forces her heel into his mouth. She then forces her cock into his mouth just to humiliate him farther. She decides he is too nasty of a pig to suck her cock anymore and she is repulsed by the shitty mess she finds when she tries to fuck him.

He thinks his messy ass has saved him, but instead it angers Mistress China who beats him down, forces his head in the toilet and then holds him there making fun of him for stroking his little pink dick while she rubs her massive black cock to full hardness above him. She finishes with a huge cum shot all over his back and the back of his head.

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