Shame On You For Spying On Mistress Brooke!

Mistress Brooke is out enjoying the evening air. You are watching her . . .You think she can’t see you sneaking up on her with your new night-vision goggles. But she knows you are there and calls you out.

She forces you to get on your knees and worship first her feet and then her ass. She then ties your hands and forces you to watch as she strokes her cock and deprives you of that which you really want. But she has a special treat for you in the end. You want her cum shot and she gives it to you . . . but you have to be careful of what you wish for. Mistress Brooke wants to make you suffer a bit and shoots her huge cum shot into a nearby public ashtray. She forces you to lick it out of the ashes.

You wanted her cum and you got it.

Maybe next time you will think twice before trying to spy on her.

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