Mistress Saki Wants to be Adored, Mistress Caress Has No Problem Punishing You

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Mistress Saki is the kind of girl that likes to be adored. She wants you to lick her boots and she wants you to worship her. With her dark seductive eyes and leather corset, you will immediately drawn in and ready to do whatever she wants you to. Don’t underestimate this Mistress, she has no problem pushing her heel into your throat to make you obey her.

What Mistress Caress lacks in patience, she makes up in sexual drive. When Jarett runs five minutes late to their psychotherapy session regarding his need for control, she loses it and demands that the session will now be all about her pleasure. She beats him, yells at him, and at one point forces her cock down his throat. He can’t help but submit, overwhelmed with pain and pleasure.

Are you worthy enough to lick Mistress Saki’s boots?

On the other hand, Mistress Caress looks like a force to be reckoned with:

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