Mistress Niko Wants You to Watch Her

TranSexDomination is the best place to see latex-wearing horny shemale Mistresses in their element. We have updates every Tuesday and Thursday featuring different Mistresses, just enough to hold you through the weekend.

So, Tuesdays are for solo set updates. This past week we featured Misstress Niko. She likes posing for the camera…almost as much as she likes teasing you. With her candy apple red latex gloves and boots, you can’t tear your eyes away from her. She loves to rub her exposed breasts and she loves when you watch. Stroking herself, she brings herself to full erection quickly; the feeling of latex is just too much for her to resist. She caresses her swollen breasts and then spreads her ass wide for you. You want to touch her, but she won’t let you.

She finally climaxes when she think she’s teased you enough and now she’s done with you.

Published On: May 16, 2008Categories: Uncategorized

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