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Grooby is famous for finding the newest models first and we’re often asked, not least by the many imitators of our sites, where we find these great tgirls. The truth is, our photographers are out everywhere, going to bars and clubs, walking the street and calling their tranny friends to see where the new talent might be. Of course, we also get many potential models contacting us directly and out reputation certainly helps us. However, we do also actively search out models on the internet and these are often the most interesting and the most successful on the websites, these girls are fresh, unseen and usually amateur type girls who love the exposure – most aren’t working girls and some of course, may only dress part time but there are girls out there waiting and wanting to meet good guys to date.

You may ask, how I can assert this? Having worked in this industry for so long, aren’t all tgirls working girls?
Absolutely not. I can assert this, because I’ve met and socialised with girls from these sites, in my travels and at the various places I’ve lived – from London, to Amsterdam and Los Angeles. I’ve been out with some fantastic tgirls just looking for guys to hangout with and date – and also many, just looking for hook-ups.

I’ve used various sites like yahoo personals, myspace, etc over the 10 yrs we’ve been in business to find new girls for the websites but right now, I’m going to give away one of our trade secrets. We’re using a site called Fling . There are 1000’s of tgirls and cross dressers across Europe and the USA (Asia was a bit lacklustre to be honest) waiting to meet you.

So if you want to meet a tgirl close to you. Go and check out Fling.

Here’s my tips:

  1. Be nice. Be cool. Don’t start a conversation with sex or silly comments like “How big is your cock”.
  2. Don’t send a cock pic. If your too shy to put a face pic on your profile, make sure you send one to any girls you contact.
  3. Read the profiles and when you message the girls, answer any questions they have – and ask questions!
  4. If you make a connection, be prepared to give your phone number out!
  5. Meeting her. Be prepared to take her out if she wants. Ask her where she’d like to go, if she just wants to stay in. All good.

Remember good things happen to those who are patient. If it doesn’t happen right away, it might later – or try another girl.

If you see any girls you’d love to see on Shemale Yum or Black-Tgirls.com then please ask them, nicely, that if they’re interested in modeling to contact us!


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