Do Not Underestimate Mistress Wendy Williams

Mistress Wendy Williams needs no introduction. Just saying her name makes most men’s cocks rise to attention. This red headed diva is a shemale porn superstar with her luscious lips and meaty cock. TranSexDomination and Mistress Wendy are a perfect fit (having previously worked in the domination scene) and these pictures show how much pleasure she gets out of dominating others.

Do not make the mistake her slave did by not taking her seriously. Mistress Wendy does not fuck around. When her slave gets a case of the giggles during their session, she takes swift action. She restrains him and shoves a ball gag in his mouth to silence him, but soon realizes it’s not enough. The more he squirms, the harder Mistress Wendy gets, and soon she shoves her cock into his mouth.

But she’s not done yet.

Mistress Wendy doesn’t think her slave has got the giggles completely out of him yet. So what does she do? She begins applying clothes pin after clothes pin to her slave’s cock and balls. When she finally places one on the head of his dick, his giggles turn into gasps of pain.

Her slave can’t do much at this point, except submit to her. She takes him off the wheel, bends him over, and plunges her rock hard cock into his ass. She can’t hear him laughing anymore.

Look at her poor slave’s face. He had no idea what he had coming!

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