A Very Grooby AVN Awards.

Good times and a lot of fun over the weekend as Grooby hit Vegas for the AVN Awards. Buddy Wood, Frank and I drove in from LA and met up with nominees, Sexy Jade, Allanah Starr & Yasmin Lee as well as, the maestro Tony Vee, P.K.Vegas, Nadia USA and entourages for dinner at Lowry’s Prime Rib before hitting the Las Vegas Lounge for drinks and fun on Friday night.

Thank you to CCBill and Doug for the use of their “party limo-bus” to get us to the show and also for helping sort out the after-party room for us. Saturday night was the show – and despite a little trouble with “tranny time” (now you all know why I lied about the meeting time!!!) – the show was a lot of fun but walking the red carpet is always the best part – although hearing a girl get up and say thanks for winning the “Best Double Anal Scene” is always a highlight for me. The lovely Gia Darling joined us, as did Foxxy and Jennifer Paris for the show – although our table, was, as usual, near the back and a long way from Wendy and Vanity who were getting the VIP treatment (we did spot them on the huge monitors though).

Onto The Foundation Room, where we had a private room and continued the drinking and the partying. Thank you to all the guys and the girls who came and hung out with us. It was my first time meeting Yasmin Lee whom I’ve always though looks fantastic and looks even more so in real life. Jennifer Paris it was a pleasure to meet, Nadia USA another person whom didn’t dissapoint in real-life either! A big shout out to Sexy Jade, who really is one of the nicest, funniest and most down-to-earth girls I know (and baby, this doesn’t mean that your not also hot and sexy – hot chocolate baby!!!). You also all know how I feel about Gia – America’s Darling and always one of mine. Foxxy, your presence, humour and sexual mischief was fantastic – let’s see you in a nomination next year!

The best until last though. Congratulations Allanah, your graciousness, genuine personality, humour, support and on-going friendship over the last years aren’t what got you the award – but if there was an award for that, you’d be at the top. Congratulations on being the Best Transsexual Performer – and congratulations on all the great things that are happening for you. I look forward to the next 5 years and beyond working with you – and honey, yes, Tony, Frank and I are all very proud to have been there with you at the start of your career and to have grown up together. Well done!

Not to end on a sour note but the AVN’s were once again a farce. The only tranny representation was Chi Chi doing an outrageous number and a joke made in one of the cutaways with a dude in drag. Why couldn’t one of the previous winners announce at least one of the awards? Why couldn’t ANYBODY mention the transsexual presence and why did we have to wait until practically the end to hear the announcement (at least it was read – and there was a photo of Allanah shown this year!).

Thank you all. All the nominees should be proud of their accomplishments and …. I FUCKING LOVE WORKING IN THIS INDUSTRY WITH YOU ALL. seanchai/Steven (more photos after Frank gets his arse up)

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