A week in the life of a producer of transsexual erotica.

I’ve just returned from a week long trip to the mainland and thought you may like a peek inside how a producer of transsexual porn works and spends his days. Unlike what many people think, I don’t get to spend my days shooting and working with models although to be fair, I used to. Most of my time now is spent working with the various photographers via email, planning advertising, working on new projects and surfing the sites making sure customers are happy and no errors can be found.

Last week, I flew to Los Angeles specifically to attend the anti-piracy meeting that was being hosted by some prominent adult producers although as usual I combined other work with it.
Arriving in Los Angeles and grabbing my over-sized SUV, it was a Tuesday night and I ran out to meet producer Buddy Wood who is facilitating a move to Los Angeles where he plans to be shooting fulltime. He’s already working there part-time and some of his latest sets of Holly Sweet, Natassia Dreams and more will be appearing on http://www.shemaleyum.com soon. Dinner at Frankie’s on Melrose which is my favourite Italian in the Hollywood area.

The next day, I met with Donny Long who produces super good, Asian hardcore material and is going to be shooting some cute Asian girls in Los Angeles for our website http://www.asian-american-girls.com – from there, up to the Sheraton to meet Joey Silvera. I doubt that there is anybody was has yet to see a Joey Silvera DVD or his influence on the shemale porn industry. His Rogue Adventures series has won multiple awards and he’s been shooting for a long time. A true legend in the industry and a very un-assuming, character in real life. We’re working out some exciting ideas on how to change his website for the better, so stay tuned to see major changes within the next few weeks in http://www.joey-silvera.com. Met with Bob from Bob’s Tgirls and attended the anti-piracy meeting, other attendees including Hush Money, Falcon Photos, Free Speach Coaltion and more. You’ll be hearing more from this in the future.

Thurs was lunch with AVN and worked out some nice new advertising campaigns and then after negotiating the hell that is Los Angeles traffic I met my good friend Gia Darling for dinner. Gia is truly one of the nicest, coolest and intelligent people in the industry and apart from the professional respect I have for her, I really like her as a friend and a dinner companion. She doesn’t produce as much as she used to but her body of work is amazing and aesthetically, she’s looking even better than ever!

On Friday, I met a new producer whose interested in shooting content for us in Central America which I’m very excited about and then of course, what else does a tgirl admirer do on a Friday night but go to Peanuts at Club 7969. Meeting with Bob and his friends before, I wandered into a club I’ve been going to for 8 years and it hasn’t been decorated in that time (or doesn’t appear to be – although I’ve heard it’s in the works). Our photographer, Lensman was their by co-incidence and I got to chat to some lovely girls as well as see Gennesis from Shemale Yum perform (and she has an identical twin sister!). I did meet one little snot whose modelled only once for us before and now claims she’s better than any of our other models, she was so un-becomming and irritating, that I removed her profile from http://www.real-tgirls.com and let the photographers know, we will not be working with her again (or at least until her attitude improves 10 fold). Peanuts is fun and if you want to meet a girl there are plenty here, it’s not a volatile as it used to be and a bit more relaxed – I couldn’t come here on a regular (weekly) basis and always preferred the atmosphere of the Queen Mary more, before it closed.

On Saturday, I drove to Palm Springs for lunch with one of our affiliates and a webmaster of his own site, Nikki TS Fun
and his lovely girlfriend, Nikki! If you haven’t seen that site then check it out. It’s a well run site with a lot going on.

A drive up to Las Vegas where I got a great deal on a room at the MGM Grand in their “Signature” part of the hotel, very nice. I was meeting P.K.Vegas and his wife (who also works with him helping find the girls, working with the producetion side of the shoots and post-production) for dinner and Del Friscos which was very enjoyable and then onto the Las Vegas Lounge, which although quiet did have some cute transsexuals including ones see on this site (and some to be seen very soon). Las Vegas Lounge is a unique place, it’s better on show nights when there are girls dancing but other than that it’s still a decent enough dive for a beer. Worst serving staff in the history of bars – they’re pathetically slow and laconic.

After pocketing my winnings at craps, I took a loooong drive throught Death Valley and back to Los Angeles, I was staying at the Mondrian (shit hotel that is usually expensive but I got it cheap). Met Bob, the lovely Khloe Hart and Doll, whom I’d never met before, for dinner at Fogo de Chao an excellent Brazilian churrasscaria which I thoroughly recommend. Khloe is just a really sweet, unpresuming girl who has just announced she’s thinking about stopping working in the industry. Doll has worked for us since 2001 when Tony originally met her, what a great girl she is also. Fun, nice, respectful and smart – and better looking in person than her photos, in my opinion.

We went onto Sky Bar and a quite a few gin and tonic’s later – I got to bed and made my morning flight with a hangover.

A fun week in the life of a transsexual porn, producer. Back to computer screen, telephone and emails.

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