Photographing Ladyboys in the Philippines…Day 5

Day 5 started pretty much like the other days but the girls were my favourites of the trip, so far. Xanelle (pronounced Chanel !?!) is a long, lean ladyboy with a super cool, girl next door look – she photographed well and was a lot of fun. Her Mother made her outfit with some Burberry material she brought back from Japan, which was a nice touch. I think this girl will be a big hit.

The next ladyboy, was the lovely Maui – who didn’t seem to know that Maui was in Hawaii but she actually looked like many of the Filipino real girls we see in Hawaii. Super cool girl whose first time shooting was today, she took a little while to warm up but really got into it.

After shooting shemales there is nothing better than a good cigar, a bottle of wine – followed by a dozen Mohito’s and as we’d ran out of smokes we headed to the Oriental in Makati for restocks. A very nice cigar bar was let down by not having a full bar (exhorbitant wine prices and then whisky – not even cognac … with cigars?!?). We bought a few sticks which were pricey and headed back to Malate to the Cuban bar – for a high end, expensive cigar store – three out of three sticks were wet and poorly stored … which got right on my tit end. 15 mohitos please!

Published On: June 19, 2007Categories: Uncategorized

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