Peanuts/Club 7969 in West Hollywood, Los Angeles

I took a trip to Peanuts last Friday. I was always more of a fan of the now closed Queen Mary so it was good to see that Peanuts had more of a relaxed atmosphere than on previous visits.

Not surprisingly, I met my friend, Bob from Bob’s Tgirls which is unsurprising as he practically lives there ;-) as well as Lensman with a stunning big boobed friend whom I hope he shot for the website (more details on her when we get photos!).  I was there with Buddy Wood, Frank and the ever lovely Khloe Hart, who iseven sweeter and cuter in person than in her photos.

Peanuts had plenty of eyecandy for those just wanting to hangout but it seemed there was a lot of talking going on also.  There was a tgirl stripper show – unfortunately, just down to panties but is still a lot of fun with some truly beautiful shemales whom I’ve never seen before.

Most of the girls there were Latin but there was a good smattering of Asians but only two black tgirls that I spotted.

If you are in Los Angeles or are considering visiting the town – you should make time on a Friday night to go here, it’s easily accessable on Sunset Blvd, $10 to get in and you can hangout and watch without feeling uncomfortable.  Plan to get there about midnight or a little before and don’t forget to go to The Yukon Mining Company Diner, just a little further along from Club 7969 at 2am for a late snack and to see what all the girls look like out of the bar (they all flock here for cheap greasy food although it’s unfortunately, well known for where Sylvia Boots shot and killed another transsexual in the car park).

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